A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Help Shelly and her robotic partner, Rust-E, navigate a colorful and dangerous factory. Move from room to room and clear the noxious shroud along the way.

Solve puzzles while controlling two characters simultaneously. (We call it "single-player co-op.")

Clear the life-draining shroud in each room before running out of air.

Manage resources between two characters and limited time.

Shroud was developed over the course of a semester in the University of Texas at Dallas' Game Production Lab. It was the first project we worked on together, before founding our studio, PolyKnight Games.

We're now working on a commercial project, InnerSpace.

If you like it, let us know!

Twitter- @PolyKnightGames

Instagram- @polyknightgames

Facebook- fb.com/polyknightgames

Install instructions

The game can be played with either keyboard or controller. Try both and let us know which you prefer. The best method was a source of debate amongst the team.

If you use anything but an Xbox controller, you may need to remap the controls in the launch menu.


Shroud_Windows.zip 728 MB
Shroud_Mac.app.zip 734 MB
Shroud_Linux_Data.zip 731 MB